Another sleepless night in IB...

Well today was a real busy day. I had some errands I had to run, 5 inch heels on running around the city, lol. seriously tho! I finished exactly what I needed to do.
Thank goodness my mother lives down the street from me and she loves to take the kids when I need to go do some things.

Today for some reason I just felt like splurging on mac eye shadows, I don't wear eye shadow much, but today I just felt like buying some, well 20 to be exact, for someone that don't wear shadow that's a lot. The colors were just calling me and I couldn't refuse.
I bought what I needed at Sephora. Didn't buy any perfume tho, nothing was smelling delishh like I wanted them to, maybe next time. My son has been running around wearing my husbands hats (his "thing" for now), which are way too big! So he saw a hat stand and started picking out some hats he like. He got a yellow and black Filipino hat that had the stars and the sun, and he also got a black and white SD hat just like his daddy's.
My baby was dressed to kill today...he picked this outfit out, he got his grey slacks, and a black button down with red and grey stripes and he wanted to wear a tie a red one at that, then with some chucks..lol. He is only 4!!! He dressing better that these grown men I see walking around. He is sooo cute!! I'll load some pics later.

Well see yall lata,...smooches

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  1. Thank God for mothers, mine saves my butt all the time with watching my munchkins when I need to do some serious running around. My kids wear mini chucks too, they are the cutest and coolest thing around. I love my red high tops. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your compliments, I'll take any that come my way! lol....you're not so bad yourself mama!! :) Nice blog. xxNadia


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