FEDEX is wackkk.....!!!!

I have been waiting for some sandals I ordered online. Some BCBG's, Rossina in rich brown.
I saw them at the navy exchanged but they ran out of my size, so I just went online and ordered. They were suppose to arrive today, but guess what...we have a problem, tracking shows it was delivered and signed..what? and by who?. It definitely was not delivered to my house!!! I have been home all day and there was no delivery notice saying I had to pick it up. Someone is very lucky right nowwww...got a new pair of shoes...I'm so maddd!!!I'm calling FedEx tommorow! I want my shoes! They are so cute!


  1. WHOA! I hope they didn't steal your package.
    Those package/postal office delivering people do that sometimes.

    Hopefully you called them ASAP this morning.
    Those shoes are really cute!

  2. hey thanks girl!
    hope you got your shoes in!

  3. your one beautiful mama~!! hope you get your shoes,, fedex is usually good compared to other carriers that sucks,,, :(


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