Hi everyone...I had a emo moment last post.
I'm good now, I wasn't about my hubby which a lot of people
thought was, It was a close friend of mine. Everything is fine now. Any who..
I'm down to 140!.. yay me..I been busy, new job, school, family, and all my other side duties....but Happy New Years..It's been wonderful so far..I hope it stays that way :)



I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family!!!
I have the best family in the world in my book I don't spend just thanksgiving to be thankful for them , but I do that every single day!. Of course right..lol
I didn't over eat but I ate way more that usual. I made sure I had a tight belt on so I would not over eat, and have a bulge..eeww. Heres a few pics anyways.*WARNING*- very photo heavy .....Enjoy!