Hey all, Just a quick update. I haven't really lost much it seems that I have hit a plateau! I have lost only 5 lbs since last update. I am going to change my exercise routine a bit. Switch up my cardio routine. Instead of just doing and hour on the elliptical, I'm going to get on the treadmill and do sprints then uphill over and over for and hour. That should work out more muscles I wasn't training hard enough.

But here's some pics from my neices 5th bday and halloween. My son and his cousin, me and my daughter we were lady bugs, then me and my son, he wanted to be scary, so there he go.

Till we blog again,


  1. awww your halloween pics are adorable!!!! congrats on the 5lbs trust me girl, I cant even lose 1lb but im gonna keep trying

  2. Oh girl, you are so doing it!!! 5lbs is a lot and you are so small now! Congrats! I slipped up Sunday and Monday, so I have to bust my tail for the rest of the week.
    Pics are too cute. Kids are adorable. Look like they had fun!

  3. Btw, your face has really slimmed down! And I recall those sandals for the post long ago.


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