Before pix .

OHH GOD!!!!...I found some before pictures of my BEFORE my weight loss.
Ohh god, my friend was preggers in that pic, and I am bigger than her. Geezzz, its so embarrassing..NEVER AGAIN!

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  1. OMG, wow! Now that you put the before pics up, I can really see the big difference! OMG, you lost a lot of weight and looking so good! Your arms are skinny now! Your face slimmed down big time. Man, I know you are so proud. Thanks for the pics, we really get to see the big progress. Big difference!
    I feel you with the first pic, where your friend is pregnant. If you scroll all the way down to the first post of pics (past and present pics), you will see the pic of my sister's and I. One on the left is preggers, so why did I look like I was expecting too, I was big mama and hated it!
    Dang girl, you got me all the more excited for next week's weigh in. Ok off to do more crunches, lol!


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