I really dislike boys who feel they need to cheat on women. Yes women do it to! I know, and I'm not speaking about every single man, but speaking about boys.
Yes, some women are crazy, and its because of you guys! Always seem to play with peoples emotions rather than be real. If you don't like her let her go! Yes, she will be hurt but at least you told her the truth and just ended the situation instead of dragging her along, when you know damnnn well there will me nothing but heartache that you will be putting her through. Many woman when in a relationship and are in love invest all there heart into there men. Guys on the other hand don't really do that, its a one and a million chance of that happening.

And women stop acting like these boys are all need, you need to stop embarrassing yourselves! YOU are worth something, and YOU need to be happy. Stop living your life for them and start taking care of yourselves. Be strong! Yes it is worth giving someone a chance but, its not worth it if you are the only one that is trying to make it work!

Don't be weak demand their attention. If they want you they will work hard for you and do whatever they can to earn you trust back. But don't be blinded by all their sweetness. Always have your guard up, until they prove to you that they are worthy.
Never think you aren't worth anything, because you are worth more that you can imagine!!!

had to vent a bit, tired of my friend coming to me crying, when all she do is NOTHING!!! She lets him walk all over her, and she doesn't listen. I would like to choke him out myself!!! uugghh so disappointing. but it's not my life. Sad huh?.. sooo sad...

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