It has been a long week. I'm exhausted!
Being mommy and wifey and everything else has drained my batteries.
It's time for a spa day!!! A nice massage would be heavenly!
On another tip...I recently went to mac to snatch up my Fav.
kitty of all time! Yes her name is Hello Kitty...Lets see I got the:
Lipstick in fresh brew and Big bow, Lipglass in Nice kitty
Tinted lip conditioners X2, I bought the lucky tom eye shadow, even though I don't wear eye shadow, the Hello kitty nail polish in something about pink.
Got the bag, the mirror, the doll and the brush collection.
I know too much, but I had to its a limited edition.
Anyways I also bought the lavender whip from the cream collection,
and I must say, I was kind of not to keen to it at first but I tried it
super hot, Now I see what the craze was all about.
On another tip.. came across this guy. He is funny, but I like his remix.
you guys enjoy! Until we meet again Toodles.

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