I am watching a Maury show re-run,
aaannnnddd this girl literally needs
to get her ass beat...She needs help!!!!
This is coming from a 12 year old girl!

"Yea!, I had sex for a cheeseburger and it was good!"

when she said good she was referring to the cheeseburger yall!!

"Yea I had sex for a soda too!"

wtf...and she said it was from a 25 cent soda machine!

This makes me really sad. She needs guidance and discipline.
She's just a baby.


  1. 0MG..lol..That is too much..I know I'm kinda ignorant for laughing cuz this girl like u said really needs guidance but she is a damn fool.. Her mother don't feed her???..Thats just crazy.


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