Its been a while..

Hey hey now....well lets see A LOT has been going on.
My nephew is being delivered as of right now...lol YAY.. new baby in the Fam.
I have been working really hard to get myself back to healthy status.
Over the years I have gained so much weight that I'm becoming uncomfortable in my own skin... NOT GOOD.. So I decided to change.
I have completely made a 180..no junk food all healthy.
I was a huge sugar and junk girl, I love food! and especially being mixed with Filipino, I love my Carbs..lol. Pretty bad yea..lets see I have gained about 60lbs...in 6 yrss...Ohh EEMM GEEE!!! yea exactly.

It's actually been about 3 weeks almost 4.. and I have lost 20 lbs..YAY me!
It a lot of hard work. Eating right, I eat fresh veggies and meat. Skinless chicken breast, seafood, steak(well trimmed). Fruits, nuts proteins and LOTS and LOTS of water!!! and exercising daily well about 5-6 days a week.
Lots of cardio I spend about at least 1hr doing cardio, and I make sure I burn between 600-800 cals during cardio.. then I lift weights to gain and burn muscles in my arms. I should post pics..but I wont until I'm completely done and finish with my weight loss.

I also went back to school...I had to put everything on pause when I got pregnant became a wife and all that other good stuff. My son is in kinder and my daughter is now 1..I am able to get back and finish what I have started. Setting a good example for my kids is def a priority. Plus working...ay yi yi...Yea I'm busy, but I make sure I'm there for my fam all the time, I'm there to drop and pick up my son from school all the time.. I make sure I'm there. I don't know how I do it.. But I'm so happy I have awesome supervisors that they work around my schedule (FULL TIME) and let me do the things I need to.

Everything is Great!.. I can't complain...If it is something you don't like change it..no need to complain or dwell, it's just a waste of energy..


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  1. Wow, you are busy! We'll glad you didn't forget about us. I too am on a weight loss adventure and doing well. I do keep record of it on my main blog and can't wait for the FINALE! I too plan on posting pics!


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