My lil mama turns 1!!

Time goes by so fast! My little girl just turned 1!
We had a family get together, my mom insisted she cooked
so she cooked everything. I love my moms cooking and everyone
does too. She is famous for her barbecue sticks, they are awesome!
But anyways, I had so much fun, hanging out with everyone and
celebrating my lil Cyuri's birthday.

She woke up on her birthday to find the living room full of balloons I pumped myself!
Thanks Hubby!..lol

My boo pies..lol they are sooo cute!

Cyuri enjoying some ribs!..yummy

Ready for the cake, she shared the candle blowing with her brother and cousin.
They have cupcakes with candles and she get her own cake! Then she got scared because everyone was singing happy birthday really loud, she started crying!

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