Geeeezz...Sorry I haven't been here to blog for a while a lot has happened.
My god daughter was born on May 5th. She is soo beautiful and healthy!!!
My son just turn 5 on the 19th. and he is like half my height!!.. I think he is actually a little over half my size! A very close friend of my older brother passed a way a few days ago. He was only 28. I was so sad, because I knew him he lived with us when I was in high school for like a year. I'm so sad I couldn't say good bye. Me and my hubby are house shopping! I am soo excited!!!, finally a house of our own!..We are looking for a pretty big house.. 4-5 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. We went to look at a house in Mission Valley, we went to the Alvarado Estates, and yes I fell in LOVE. 4 bedroom and 3 baths, with a huge pool in the back over looking the city!, It was Gorgeous! Nice, gated, quiet, security guard in the front, security cameras everywhere. I want it!!.. lol But still shopping maybe there is something else better.


  1. Everyone's been busy. Happy for you and hubby on the house shopping. My advice is to not settle! Congrats on your god daughter. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. wow house shopping sounds soo exciting but $$ costly haha and i hope everythings going well for you x

  3. Hey Michelle...thanks for congratulating me on the birth of mu daughter, Adelina. Wow a lot of things have happened to you, both good and bad. I'm glad to hear the birth of your god daughter, and sorry to hear that you lost a family friend.

    How did the house hunting go? Did you buy a house yet??


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