Baby shower

The beautiful mommy to be!
Me and the mommy to be!
The yummy cupcakes I made!
The pretty favors I made!
Lots of gifts!
Opening gifts.

It was such a pretty baby shower! I had lots of fun.
Yummy food, lots of prizes, many generous people!
I think the only thing she needs is a stroller, everything
else was taking care of. My god daughter will be here soon, and
she will be born to people who have lots of love to give her.


  1. Look like you had a beautiful day for a lovely lady. Your cupcakes look really, really yummy. You look gorgeous! xxNadia

  2. Who ever did the decor blew it out the water!!! Hands down. Sista is working the dress! Kudos to you all. She will remember that day forever! It's nothing like having ppl who love you.

  3. Wow everything looks great at the baby shower. Momma to be definitely has that pregnancy glow :)

  4. How cute is that baby shower.
    Those cupcakes just made me hungry. lol


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